Meet Sherri: Subject of Book 2

This book is a visual guide which tells the story of one woman’s journey through prophylactic double mastectomy surgery and tissue expander breast reconstruction with implants. Changes and innovations in this type of reconstruction process are producing more authentic-looking and aesthetically pleasing results. Whether you’re undergoing treatment for a cancer diagnosis or to prevent one, we hope that this book will give you an idea about what the process can be like.  [Click the book cover image to flip through the pages online.]

If you’ve come across this book through a source other than your doctor, our hope is that you’ll share it with your medical team. Our first book is in hundreds of hospitals across the country and in many cases, it was introduced to doctors by their patients.

You can order this book here or on If you can’t afford the book, please write to us to request a complementary copy or copies for you and your doctor.

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